Introvert is defined here as Susan Cain explains it in her book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking. Essentially, someone who feels energized by quiet situations rather than loud ones, feels more comfortable in small, one-on-one settings in deep conversations and needs quiet to focus. HIGHLY recommend the book. Onward.
  1. My down time is planned and guaranteed
    Babysitting on weekend nights is like a set recharge time, and I'm being paid to sit and read by yourself which is what I would be doing anyway.
  2. I have the perfect mix of social interaction and alone time
    If I arrive when the kid is sleeping, I talk briefly with the parents, they leave for bit and you have time to recharge, and then socialize again when they come home. If it's time with kids, they have set schedules too. When I worked as a nanny, the kid napped twice a day, in the morning and again in the afternoon. I looked forward to nap time because it was quiet me time, but I was always happy when he woke up, too. (If he didn't nap, then both of us had a problem)
  3. I get to know people one-on-one and have deep conversations
    Babysitting allows you to dive into the world of someone else completely for a short time. I love talking to the families, learning about who they are and analyzing their kids' actions with them.
  4. I'm able to set my own schedule
    When I nannied for three kids for three summers, our days were wide open. Some weeks one or two of the kids had camps, but for the most part it was up to me to provide the fun. Some days we baked, some days we went to the pool, rode bikes, caught frogs in the park across the street. Introverts do better when they're allowed to work within their own parameters, and that's exactly what babysitting is.
  5. I can understand the kids
    Who doesn't want a kind, sensitive person taking care of their child? That's literally the description of who I would want taking care of my (hypothetical) kids if I wasn't there. Introverts are good listeners, who will be more focused on the kid and in tune with their needs.