Oh, the memories...
  1. Wild Cub - Thunder Clatter
    This is still my favourite song
  2. Les Vinyl - F for Effort
  3. Justin Timberlake - Señorita
    (Pretty much every JT single, but this one stood out)
  4. Imagine Dragons - On top of the World
  5. The Shins - Simple Song
    I heard this on How I Met Your Mother
  6. Jimmy Fallon - Idiot Boyfriend
    I still love this song
  7. Phillip Phillips - Man on the Moon
  8. Lou Bega - Mambo No.5
    I still do not know the words.
  9. Fall Out Boy - Young Volcanoes
  10. Montell Jordan - This is How We Do It
  11. Jason Derulo - Ridin' Solo
    I was ten, don't judge me.
  12. Taylor Swift - Mine
    It could make me cry on a bad day.
  13. NONONO - Pumpin Blood
  14. Bon Iver & St. Vincent - Roslyn
    On the twilight new moon Soundtrack
  15. Alex Winston - Velvet Elvis
  16. Oh Land - White Nights
  17. Oh Honey - Be Okay
    This was sung on Glee by Rachel and Santana