I try not to be negative but I do have a very specific list of the stuff I hate.
  1. Moths. They are ugly, dirty, dusty and useless. I am unbelievably terrified of them.
  2. Strong smells. They are almost never good smells and feel like they eliminate my ability to smell other things, causing me to loose one of my senses.
  3. Sharp objects. I can only ever imagine them going in my eyes, nowhere else.
  4. The heat. It makes me feel sick, uncomfortable and makes me sweat. It also keeps me from going to sunny places. I prefer to be cold.
  5. Abbreviations/acronyms. Simply lazy, annoying (with the exception of science-y stuff)
  6. Seeing people make other people feel bad about themselves. Sometimes I can understand why it needs to happen but I just don't like hearing or seeing it happen.
  7. Raw/cold cut meats. They are cold, wet and I don't like the texture or smell. Disgusting, I will not touch them.
  8. Going to the GP. They never give you useful advice, ask you 20 questions that are impossible to answer and they touch you. Mine shakes a lot...