1. Chapter I: Hello World
  2. Chapter II: Cheeks Chubbier than Everything
  3. Chapter III: Childhood Angst
  4. Chapter III pt. 2: No One Listens to Me Because I'm 6 Years Old
  5. Chapter IV: Pre Teenage Angst
  6. Chapter V: Hairy legs + Pants = Problem Solved
  7. Chapter VI: Queen Anxiety Begins her Reign
  8. Chapter VII: A Film Critic is Born
  9. Chapter VIII: A Christ Follower is Born
  10. Chapter IX: Romantic Love is Dead.
  11. Chapter X: Romantic Love is Resurrected
  12. Chapter XI: True Life: I have three friends
  13. Chapter XII: Too Cool for School
  14. Chapter XIII: Not Too Cool for School