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  1. Mary poppins
    I was in grade school, and I enjoyed it. I can't remember that much but I remember it was good.
  2. Wicked
    I absolutely loved wicked. I know people say it's overrated, But I care. It was a beautiful story with beautiful music and it deserves the hype.
  3. Annie
    Wasn't my favorite show, But I remember that the set was very pretty and it was good.
  4. Sideshow
    Beautiful beautiful music. Great costumes. Again not my absolute favorite but it was very good.
  5. Les Mis
    I had been obsessed with les mis for years and I was soooo happy to see in on broadway. Amazing production and Ramin Karmiloo was so so great.
  6. Something Rotten
    Absolutely hilarious and great music and book! I laughed through the whole thing and I was so sad to see it go.
  7. Waitress
    I saw this for my fifteenth birthday. It was probably one of my top 3 favorite shows I've ever seen. Beautiful story and music and jessie mueller is just so amazing.
  8. In transit
    I saw this on a school trip. Not my favorite but it was good. The theater I saw it in was really cool though. All the seats were so close to the stage and that was a really neat experience
  9. Anastasia
    I saw this yesterday! It was another one of my top 3 favs. I had been eating to see it forever and my mom surprised me with tix. The costumes were dazzling, the set was unique, the book was great, the music was amazing, and the whole cast was so talented and so so passionate about the show. Christy Altomare is so amazing and she was so kind when I met her at the stage door. Also got to meet my longtime broadway crush Derek Klena, so that was definitely a plus.