I love my notes app. It organizes me, reminds me what restaurants I want to go to in LA, NY, Paris and Palm Springs. It keeps track of music I should buy, makeup I should order and my to do list. But what are these things?
  1. Portugal Demand group Evil Friends
  2. Blind posts and dark posts (secret social media tactic?)
  3. Try to be nimble and patient (or what?)
  4. Absolute addiction face oil
  5. Irma grain booth (say what?)
  6. Air Pegasus 83
  7. Bruich-Laddich the Laddie Sixteen ( whiskey?)
  8. Gong to change friends (inexplicable)
  9. Fried cheese curds
  10. Crime fraiche paint
  11. Godalming (telling it like it is)