I had to get graduation pictures taken at a university I didn't go to, because the camera failed at my actual graduation, 4 months ago.
  1. I ate a sausage roll at the train station while two men stared at me.
  2. I ran against the wind to catch a bus. The wind made my eyes water so I got on the bus both out of breath and crying.
  3. I arrived at the graduation that wasn't mine.
  4. For the third time this week someone heard my name as Taura, my name is Laura.
  5. I put on a red hood with my gown while everyone else wore blue.
  6. I had to get my picture taken. A lot. An activity that makes me feel 100% uncomfortable.
  7. I got hot and flustered and forgot to breath so nearly fainted.
  8. I made the photographer stop and insisted on leaving after about 7 minutes despite travelling an hour to get there.
  9. I chose photo #507, the only one with my eyes open.
  10. I hurried out in a panic and missed my bus.
  11. A drunk woman pushed me when I was leaving the train station.
  12. Now I am home and safe, concerned for the next time I have to leave the house about 1 hour from now.