1. Snooze
    Ignoring my three alarms with a consistent tap against my phone
  2. Regret
    Disappointed in how much I slept in and my utter laziness
  3. Food baby
    Avoiding my slightly pudgy belly bulging underneath the sheets due to midnight snacking
  4. Jackknife
    Leaping out of bed to my preconceived calculations of how much time have to get ready in order to be on time
  5. Scrub
    Vigorously scrubbing my face with the latest anti acne foaming scrub
  6. Gag
    Lodging the toothbrush between the cracks of my mouth eliminating the unreasonable morning breath
  7. Frizz
    Brushing my hair into what can only be described as a weighted Afro
  8. Easy Way Out
    Glance at my retired curling iron consider and end up French braiding the frizz ball
  9. Good Enough
    Sponge on some Burt's Bees BB Cream and candy pink blush with a flick of mascara.
  10. Snatch
    Snatch up the keys and purse and I'm on my way