1. 10 years old 1986, stock girl in a health food store in Boca Raton FL Learning to use a pricing gun like a pro!!!
  2. 16 years old, market research Called off sick when not ill and got fired cause I lived with my boss.
  3. 16, Subway Reprimanded for putting too many olives on a sub... in front of the customer.
  4. 17, Youth Conservation Corps Learning to hammer a nail in two swings.
  5. 18, The Grind And Squeeze coffee house My first cigarette.
  6. 18, Mr. Donut Fired for calling in drunk.
  7. 19, waterslide construction Grinding fiberglass inside a tube slide in -7 degrees
  8. 20, waitress at a brewpub Early morning prep with the brew master and the head chef listening to Big Audio Dynamite
  9. 20, Spectrum Control Electromagnetics One and only Third shift job.
  10. 21, Mimi's Cafe Helping a bus girl get better with English so she could wait tables
  11. 22, The Village Inn Met a very good friend on this job. She writes awesome books... pen name Catherine Winters
  12. 22, Circle K My manager was a man named Kim. He had been robbed and tied up in the back room on more than one occasion.
  13. 23, Medical Examiner's Office Too many memories to list but one of the most prominent is the first autopsy I observed, I won't give more details!
  14. 25, St Vincent's Hospital My coworker, named Cheri, was a dulcimer player.
  15. 25, The Corner Tavern My first bartending job. I had to break up a fight on my first night.
  16. 26, The Empty Keg The smell of that place... the God awful smell!
  17. 27, ACL One of the lab techs got mad at me and no one talked to me for weeks. That place was miserable!
  18. 26, The French Creek Tavern They wouldn't give me a specific day off so I quit.
  19. 27, (the college years) lab prep tech Every single time I was goofing off, the director of the school would walk in on me.
  20. 29, research - astronomy I was tasked with building a computer model of the solar system and my Earth always spiraled into the sun
  21. 29, research - LSCs I met my future husband. I published a paper.
  22. To present, teaching Every. Single. Mistake. I made during lecture. Every time I wasn't able to answer a student question to my satisfaction. It's a rough gig.