The Best Parts About Growing Up in the 1980s and 1990s

Here are the most fantastic moments from two far out decades!
  1. Ronald Reagan's calloused, strong hands.
  2. The Jay Leno / Pat Morita classic "Collision Course."
  3. Celebrating August 10th like a true American.
  4. The Penthouse issue with Grace Jones on the cover that you found under your parent's bed.
  5. Knowing that somewhere, out there, the members of Death Cab For Cutie were becoming interested in music.
  6. Genuine Levi's brand denim jeans, size 48.
  7. Seeing depressed people and being able to think "pssh, I got at least a decade."
  8. Anticipating "The Phantom Menace."
  9. This iconic snack.