2016: a snapchat for each month

Inspired by everyone with a lil twist
  1. January
  2. February
  3. March
  4. April
    The birth of FTC
  5. April bonus: couldn't list snapchat screenshots without including these two @stevecady @DawnCloud
  6. May
  7. June
  8. July
  9. August
  10. September
  11. October
    I'm so sorry @Lisa_Fav (but not that sorry)
  12. November
  13. December
    Goodbye. I will never eat a banana again.
  14. BONUS: MAY
    @jessicaz crying laughing because sometimes she sends voice memos in whatsapp that are literally just her laughing hysterically and I love it so much and I'm sorry but also not sorry and I'm prepared to fight the good fight against y'alls class action suit against me 👻👻👻
  15. BONUS: October
    My cat's lack of respect for personal space