Requested by @lizabeth
Omg you asked for it @lizabeth get ready. This could be a 99 bullet list but I will refrain because I don't think there are that many of us cat people on here that would appreciate 99 pictures of my cat 😹
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    It's pretty well known by now that I'm obsessed with my cat and well on my way to crazy cat lady status
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    So let me first direct you to one of my favorite lists that didn't get enough love IMO
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    And my very first list:
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    And now back to this list about Rue my little baby Siamese kitty cat
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    I adopted her from a shelter in Denver in 2011
    Some girl was EYEING her but I scooped her up first. Her name at the shelter was "Boysenberry" and I do not support this.
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    She weighed 1 pound and was 4 months old
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    She had an upper respiratory infection and pink eye
    But dang it if she wasn't the cutest bundle of fur ever
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    It took me 2 weeks to name her because she was so timid at first I couldn't get a read on her personality
    But I settled on Rue (yes from the Hunger Games) because she was small and climbed things and otherwise has very Rue-like traits
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    She is affectionately called Rue-cat by my little brother
    My dad calls her Ruester and I do not approve
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    She is the cuddliest and most friendly cat ever
    She turns all non-cat people in to cat people I swear to you
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    Even though she has a mean case of resting bitch face
    And has had it since she was a wee little kitten as shown here. She is the epitome of cattitude (and apparently isn't the only cat that suffers from this @shanaz 😹)
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    She is so pretty
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    And she lets me dress her up sometimes
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    I have an outfit for her every Christmas
    She hates me every Christmas
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    Seriously I have 6 Christmas outfits for her
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    She hates every single one
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    She hates the car and her carrier so I let her roam around with me to shut her up
    She's a great copilot sometimes (see previous list for when she is not)
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    She's a weirdo and we find her in odd places
    For example
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    Like chillin in the closet
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    She takes a mean selfie
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    She's better at yoga than me
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    She loves to stare off at the sunset and ponder life
    This is one of my all time favorite pictures
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    She sleeps with a teddy bear
    Not kidding
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    And she loves bags
    This is the background for my iPad I am obsessed with this picture
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    And here she is looking beyond majestic
    Oh you want a photo op let me just pose real quick 😻😻😻😻
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    The end!