Inspired by @DG and @tombatten and @jessicaz and so on and so forth
  1. California
    I lost my first tooth when we were here visiting family friends when I was 8. Also Disneyland.
  2. Colorado
    I spent 5 years living here so it's hard to pick one memory. I will go with, when we would go on our ski trips to Keystone, there was a restaurant at the top of the mountain where you took off your ski boots and they gave you slippers. It was my favorite part of the day, other than the hot tub after skiing, of course.
  3. Florida
    Spring break sophomore year I went to Miami to visit my cousins. Naturally, my cousin and I got a handle of vodka and got hammered. My aunt found the empty bottle in my hotel room (didn't stay at their house because she's a hoarder) after I left and I blamed it on the maids (because I had no idea how/where to throw it out 😬) whoops ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Hawaii
    Family trip junior year of college to visit my great aunt virg. See list here: ⭐️ THINGS MY GREAT AUNT VIRG HAS SAID
  5. Illinois
    I live here. 👋🏻👋🏻
  6. Indiana
    Visited my friend in college at Depaw for a Christmas themed party. Things are hazy but there were a lot of those shots where they pour chocolate syrup and peppermint schnapps straight into your mouth.
  7. Iowa
    Driving through here with my brother on the way home from college, we got lost in a sketchy part of town and ended up staying at a swanky Marriott downtown for the night.
  8. Kansas
    Got lost here once driving to Denver because the gps was on mute and my mom didn't realize she needed to turn around for about an hour and a half.
  9. Kentucky
    Road trip down to Nashville we stopped at a killer taco place in Louisville. And discussed for over an hour the different ways to pronounce Louisville.
  10. Massachusetts
    Came to Boston for the first time in 8th grade with a group from my church on a trip to learn about the origins of Unitarian Universalism (it started here). Instantly fell in love with the city. Been a few times since with work and still love it. Would move here if I had to.
  11. Michigan
    My family used to go with 3 or 4 other families to a dude ranch on vacation in the summer. We horse back rode, had camp fires, and got stung by bees in the woods. Ironically, this dude ranch is also now the home of Electric Forest music festival that I've attended the last two years. Oh the memories.
  12. Minnesota
    We visited family friends here when I was younger and went to the mall of America (back when the theme park was still Camp Snoopy). We went on the roller coaster, I screamed and my gum flew out of my mouth. The picture from the ride literally shows my gum midair. It was highly embarrassing.
  13. Missouri
    Not a memory of the time I went there (with church for a retreat) but a related memory about a boy from St. Louis named Jon that I met at one of my UU conventions or CONs senior year of high school. He is what I consider the closest to my "one that got away". He was affectionately called Banana boy. It's a long story (no it isn't. He had a banana suit. That's it.)
  14. Montana
    Ski trip here in 7th grade to Big Sky mountain. I had outgrown my ski suit and didn't realize it til we got there. Had to buy all new stuff.
  15. Nebraska
    Drove through here many a time back and forth from Denver. Best memory was stopping in Omaha to see my college friend on my final drive back to Chicago after graduation.
  16. Nevada
    Vegas baby. New Year's Eve this year two day Pretty Lights concert. Walking back to our hotel after the concert my friend looked down and said to two random girls "hey you're not wearing shoes" they proceed to FLIP out and scream "fuck your shoes gimme your shoes" it was beyond hilarious to us as we were mildly (read: extremely) fucked up. We still quote this.
  17. New York
    Only flew through here on my way to Israel. Count it because I spent 13 hours at JFK after I missed my flight.
  18. Ohio
    Spent 3 weeks in Cleveland recently for work. We went to the casino one night and I lost $100 in about 15 minutes playing blackjack. If I never go back here again in my life I would be okay with that.
  19. Oklahoma
    After getting stranded in Dallas with my coworkers for 3 days because it snowed 2 inches, we rented a car and drove to Oklahoma City to get a flight home.
  20. Pennsylvania
    Spent a lot of time in the middle of no where Pennsylvania my first year at PwC. Best part was the airport you could take beers in to go cups and walk around with them. Also we got guacamole with bacon and blue cheese in it which was pretty much life changing.
  21. Tennessee
    My ex lives here. I visited him last year for a sexcation of sorts. While he's no longer a part of my life, I'm in a place now where I can look back on that weekend fondly and enjoy our time spent. We went to a really cool bar/restaurant in an old repurposed movie theater called Sinema (pun intended)
  22. Texas
    My best friend moved to Houston in 7th grade so we visited a lot. One time in high school we went to Galveston. We went to an all ages club and some man offered us liquor out of the trunk of his car. We did not accept.
  23. Utah
    Drove here from Denver in 2012 to go to Sundance film festival. It was awesome and we got to see some really good movies like Liberal Arts and How to Survive a Plague. We got lost walking back to our condo one night and ended up. Literally. On. The. Ski. Mountain. The boys we were with helped us "ski" back down 😂
  24. Wisconsin
    My parents bought a lake house when I was 9 so I have a lot of memories of Wisconsin in the summer. Best memory though was probably getting super high with my cousin in the winter and going sledding (we had a big hill in our backyard). we walked around on the frozen lake thinking we were walking straight across. Our footprints in the snow the next morning proved otherwise.