With everything going on in the world sometimes it's nice to just step back and appreciate the little things that make life wonderful. These little things brought joy to my day today. ☺️☺️
  1. 10:00-11:45- Went to my favorite yoga teacher's class
    You honestly can't leave Wade's class without a smile on your face. He is the best yoga instructor hands down and my next goal is to go on one of his retreats.
  2. 12-1:30 - brunch with my fellow yoga teacher and friend
    My friend Kari who teaches at Ohm Culture with me was also at Wade's class. We got brunch after next door and it was delicious.
  3. 2-4 - acro yoga jam in the park
    I went to an Acro yoga festival last weekend and met some crazy cool kids. They meet up in wicker park every Sunday and just play. Bryan was also at Wade's class this morning and invited me to join them. It's so much fun. (List on Acro yoga to come soon)
  4. 4-5 - got a much needed manicure
    In my favorite color of course. Treat yo self Sunday
  5. 5-8 - BBQ going away party for one of my friends
    My friend is going to grad school in Michigan so they had everyone over for some meats. And some beers. That also matched my nails because of course.
  6. They DJ their parties
    This is Nacho. He is not the DJ. His shirt says "Northfuckedup" (he went to Northwestern. This shirt is v perfect).
  7. I'm happy. The weather was gorgeous. The company was incomparable. Not a lot of things could have made this day any better. I just wanted to share some of my day with all of you.
    Except maybe not having to go to St. Louis tomorrow 😒 but it's my last week! Thank god. And my coworkers well...aren't the worst 😏. So yeah. Not a bad day.
  8. Happy Sunday!