A list of my favorite memories of each month of 2015. Let's see what I remember...
  1. January-MN wedding
    My friend from college got married in Minnesota at the beginning of January. It was super fun to see my old college friends again! I was working downtown on the law firms my company audits. We had a great happy hour one night at three dots and a dash. I also interviewed for and got offered a new job, spent a lot of time talking to different people about it and ended up making the decision to stay at my current position.
  2. February-Dallas snow storm
    My Denver friends visited me in Dallas! And then we got stranded in Dallas for an extra 4 days because it snowed 2 inches. Spent the time at a 4 star resort though, so can't complain. We drove to Oklahoma City to get a new flight home.
  3. March-Nashville
    I visited an old friend in Nashville. It was a great time. Though we no longer speak, it was still a good memory at the time.
  4. April-Work
    Not a whole lot of memorable moments in April. My kitty cat turned 4, I went to my friend's law school prom. I worked a lot, as this was the end of busy season.
  5. May-Nashville #2
    Nashville round 2! This time for a friend's birthday. Also a fun time. We road tripped down there, and I flew back. I did not see the friend from March. This is now okay with me. It wasn't at the time.
  6. June-EF
    Ah a glorious month!! My birthday, and Electric Forest music festival which will go down as one of the best weekends ever. So many great new friends, great times. This was also the month I decided to get my yoga teacher training, in Bali. In November. (More to come on that)
  7. July-Harry Potter yoga
    July I will remember for the first yoga challenge I did on Instagram, which was Harry Potter themed. It was so much fun and I made new friends through an app! Who knew that was possible!
  8. August-Friends
    August, or all summer really, will be remembered as the Friends trivia summer. 10 weeks, 10 seasons, crazy specific questions and rewatching the entire Friends series. Also Lollapalooza. Also dyed my hair pink.
  9. September-Yoga challenges
    Harry Potter yoga challenge round 2! I did two Instagram challenges concurrently. And won them both! What an amazing and fun community I found in the yoga-Instagram world. I won two tank tops from the sponsors of these challenges, and learned more about myself and my practice!
  10. October-Work
    October, I travelled to Dallas again for work with two coworkers, and it was a really fun week! I also prepped, and left, for Bali for my yoga teacher training!! Also dyed my hair pink again.
  11. November-Bali
    The whole month of November was the most incredible of my life. In Bali, surrounded by an incredible group of supporting, loving, fellow yogis, embarking on a life changing adventure and fulfilling my yoga teacher training requirements. I could write a novel about my experience, but for now I will just leave it at this: Bali-I love you.
  12. December-YAY
    I returned from Bali and made some serious changes. I quit my job. a job I hated and found unfulfilling and made me extremely unhappy. I found a new job that will start in February. I booked travel to Las Vegas for New Years and to Denver after that. I dyed my hair blue. I am so excited for the year to end and to see where 2016 takes me.
  13. Thank you, 2015!
  14. Happy New Year, all!