1. My dad was a very devious child.
  2. He was always getting into trouble and coming up with schemes with his brothers.
  3. He was the youngest of 4 boys so you can only imagine the shenanigans.
  4. One time his fam went to the World Series game.
  5. But they were short one ticket.
  6. So what did little Stevie do? He hatched his most devious scheme.
  7. He pretended to drop something and ducked down behind his brothers.
  8. And caused enough confusion with the ticket scanners that he was able to squeeze right in!
  9. Attended the game for free, even without a seat and a ticket.
  10. I got to be a part of history yesterday.
    And attended the first World Series game at Wrigley since 1945. Thanks mom!
  11. Because my mom bought us 4 tickets.
  12. So I sat between brother A
  13. And brother B
  14. And drank $10 beers with my mom and ate a sandwich I brought in my pocket because I'm that kind of girl.
  15. I sang take me out to the ball game with Bill Murray.
  16. I watched the first pitch of the first Cubs strike out the batter.
  17. I watched the entire stadium filled with 41,703 people ohh and ahh and boo and cheer and stand up all at once.
  18. It was an incredible thing to be a part of.
  19. I watched us lose by one run but hey, we are still making history.
  20. Oh yeah, and my dad was there too.
    And not only that, miraculously there was an extra open seat in our row the entire game.
  21. So I guess there were 41,704 people in that stadium last night.
    Yes, that "devious child" was actually a fully grown adult male with 3 kids who snuck into the World Series game last night.