Requested by Nicholas Kraft


I lived in Bali for a month last year while I did my yoga teacher training. It was the best month ever and there aren't enough lists or enough time in the world to describe its beauty and my love for my experience. But I'm gonna try.
  1. We stayed in the most beautiful ocean side city of Candidasa.
    We were at a resort on the beach and this was my view every single morning. It did not get old. Neither did the fresh coconuts.
  2. This was our pool. Also did not get old.
    We would relax here between lectures, yoga classes, and the various activities we had scheduled.
  3. It was my roommate's 30th birthday the first day of the program!
    So we had them bring her cake. They gave her a whole cake. We did this awesome thing on anyone's birthday where they are blindfolded and we line up on either side of them and whisper birthday wishes in their ear one at a time. It was really special and heartwarming
  4. And then the yoga started.
    This is in my top 5 favorite yoga pictures I've ever taken. If you want more yoga pictures from Bali feel free to stalk my Instagram leah_yogini
  5. Sometimes the studying was exhausting
    We were practicing yoga and then in lessons, learning yoga philosophy, meditation, proper pose alignment, sequencing and so on for about 12 hours a day (6am to 6pm). I won't bore you with a list about all that...
  6. But we had some fun too
    We had time off, some full days and some half days free to explore. More on that next
  7. On our first full day off we went to a traditional Balinese water blessing
    It was also a national holiday so it was extra special. We gave our offerings here then went to the spring where we dunked our heads under the waterfall three times and purified ourselves with the blessing
  8. And we also had to wear these yellow wrap coverings and white shirts (women, men went in shirtless)
    Fun fact: women on their periods are not allowed to enter any temples
  9. We taste tested the famous "Kopi Luwak poop coffee"
    Yes. Poop. You read that right. The Luwak eat the coffee beans. Then poop them out. Then they make coffee out of it. That we drank. And you know what? It wasn't half bad.
  10. We went shopping at the local markets, which had some rather promiscuous looking figurines
  11. And yeah....These were everywhere
    I will never understand the fascination but they are everywhere. Every. Where.
  12. We visited some temple ruins which were super cool
  13. We went to a traditional textile village
    They make fabrics here and use them to trade with other villages for goods and products.
  14. Cockfighting is also prevalent in the culture there, especially in the traditional villages
  15. We visited the Ujung water palace
    An old Royal palace that is now open to the public to explore. Gorgeous views and photo ops
  16. Which we couldn't help but stop and take yoga pictures at, naturally
    Yogis, you can't take us anywhere
  17. You really can't take us anywhere
    This was at the Royal bathing pools which are now open to the public for a fee. Basically giant outdoor pools that used to be bathtubs for the royal families
  18. Then for our final full day off, we went on a mini holiday and spent the night in Ubud
    Ubud is a town in the center of the country surrounded by jungles, monkeys, and is the heart of yoga in Bali.
  19. We spent a day exploring Ubud on mopeds, shopping, eating, being merry. Until my roommate crashed hers 🙈
    They were ok, but the bike wasn't.
  20. I found heaven in a shop in Ubud
  21. Finally, I graduated with my 200hr yoga teacher training certificate and am officially a yoga teacher
    One of my greatest accomplishments to date and the best spent month of my time. I grew as a person both through yoga and self discovery, both spiritually and mentally.
  22. I made lifelong, amazing friends...
    From all over the world. Some close (my roommate and her boyfriend got relocated to Chicago shortly after coming back and she now lives 1 mile away from me!) and some far (two are from Australia and one is British and currently living there as well)
  23. ...That will always be near and dear to my heart no matter where there are
    These crazy kids put up with me 24/7 for a whole month I mean, how could they not be some of the most amazing people in the world?
  24. Bonus: I had a pit stop in Dubai on both flights there and back so I got to bop around and see some sights there as well
    Including going to the top of the Burj Kalifa 👌🏻
  25. The end