Requested by @jessicaz
Tbh I was secretly hoping this was a mass list request so I could look at other responses because I had no clue where to go with it. So here are my thoughts on vulnerability for you @jessicaz 😘
  1. This is a tough topic for me
  2. I don't allow myself to be vulnerable very often
  3. Because every time I do I get hurt
    And what fun is a list full of heartbreak sob stories
  4. But if you build up these walls around yourself
  5. And never allow those vulnerable moments
  6. You won't get anywhere in this life
  7. So it's something I'm working on
  8. Every day
  9. I'm working on letting go of fear and embracing love
    Thanks Gabrielle Bernstein
  10. And I'm working on following the coincidences
    Thanks YTT
  11. Most importantly
  12. I'm working on letting go of the past
  13. I'm working on forgiveness
  14. I'm working on being more vulnerable
  15. Because yeah you get burned sometimes
  16. But once you stop getting in your own damn way
  17. Once you know what you want
  18. Or open yourself up to other possibilities
  19. You find what you're looking for
  20. Or rather
  21. What you didn't know you were looking for
  22. Finds you.
  23. ✌🏻️