1. Ohh man where do I start?!
  2. With this dreadful weather I obviously dream of going somewhere warm
  3. Like the Maldives
    On my short list of honeymoon spots
  4. Or back to Bali
    Because I love you and didn't see enough of you
  5. Or back to Cape Town
    So much more to explore here
  6. Or maybe I should pick somewhere I haven't been yet
  7. Like New Zealand
  8. Or Greece
  9. Or Madagascar
  10. But I also love skiing so maybe somewhere in the mountains
  11. Like Whistler
  12. Or the Swiss alps
  13. Or Austria
  14. Or maybe I'd tour the US and see all of my friends
  15. In New York
  16. Florida
    Or wherever the hell my cousins have been hiding the last few years
  17. Denver
  18. LA
  19. San Francisco
  20. Wherever any of you List Appers live
  21. So I guess since I can't decide on a dream place
  22. I'll instead dive into what my dream vacation consists of, which is:
  23. The perfect combination of planned activities and time to sit around and do nothing
    At the beach, or by a cozy fire, post adventure or apres-ski
  24. The perfect combination of alone time and socializing with friends / locals
  25. My family and friends coming and going as they please
    This is a very long dream vacation
  26. Delicious food every meal
    Some healthy some not. All yummy
  27. Good wine
  28. Comfy beds and super fluffy pillows
  29. Excessive amounts of laugher and smiles
  30. Endless entertainment
    Books, stories, shows, dancing, plays, live music....
  31. And no cares or stresses or fears of returning to reality
  32. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️