This will be deleted when I wake up
  1. I wish magic were real
  2. I want a donut
  3. No I want the chipotle leftovers I left at the office
  4. Can I get into the office at 11pm?
  5. Ugh probably not
  6. I'll just eat a waffle when I get home
  7. Oh well
  8. My coworkers are weird
  9. But I love them
  10. I hate politics
  11. I hate work
  12. I love my job
  13. No I don't
  14. Yes I do
  15. Well it's better than my last job and that's enough these days right
  16. My coworkers are super politically incorrect
  17. But I'm totally okay with it
  18. No I'm not
  19. Yes I am
  20. Really it's fine
  21. I can't wait until my next vacation
  22. I should text him
  23. No I shouldn't
  24. Yes I should
  25. No
  26. Yes
  27. But
  28. Well
  29. Hm
  30. Let's list about it first