Requested by @Lisa_Fav
  1. I'll be there for you, girl. All night.
  2. Could you BE any more beautiful?
    Chandler voice
  3. I'll tell ya one thing, this naked guy, definitely not ugly 😏
  4. I'm like Mr Heckles I'll bang on your ceiling with my broom all night long
  5. I don't need a pros and cons list to tell me you're better than Rachem
  6. I won't fall asleep on you baby
    And you better be at least 18 pages...I mean years
  7. (Janice voice) Oh. My. God.
    Not so much a pickup line as my reaction when you take your clothes off, baby.
  8. Hey baby, do you want some unagi in you?
    In context, per @Lisa_Fav and @jessicaz
  10. Let's role play, I'll be Regina Phalange you be Ken Adams
    Or, Princess Consuela Banana Hammock and Crap Bag. Your call.
  11. Did I ever tell you about the time I backpacked through Western Europe?
  12. Phoebe in the streets, Ursula in the sheets
  13. You're more than just my lobster
  14. I'd play strip Happy Days game with you, baby
  15. I can't speak French, but I'll drink a whole gallon of your milk in 60 seconds, if you know what I mean
    Special skills on my resume include...😏
  16. I'd invite you in for more than just lemonade
  17. Marcel isn't the only monkey that humps everything he sees
    I'm sorry @Lindi it's so bad 😂🙈
  18. Is that a juice box in your pocket or were you just that excited to see me?
  19. Hey girl, you can report on this WENUS any day
    Courtesy of @egiuffri
  20. Hey girl, I know what to feed your smelly cat 😏🎸
  21. How YOU doin'? 😏