My grandpa passed away last week and his funeral was Monday. He was 93. Here are some of my favorite memories and stories about him that I can remember.
  1. My grandpa immigrated to the US from Poland through Ellis Island when he was about 7.
    We have copies of his papers somewhere and his citizenship card.
  2. He served in WWII. Was at Omaha Beach on D-Day.
    He was apparently a bit of a trouble maker and kept getting demoted for not listening to instructions 😂. Still got a Medal for "good conduct" somehow though.
  3. He has a Hungarian pistol and a knife he was allowed to keep from the war. With government papers and everything.
    I couldn't find these when I was home but know we have them somewhere. We also have his dog tags which have my name on them because I was named after his mother. The military ceremony at the funeral was beautiful and moving.
  4. But he also kept his rifle. Which was apparently not allowed.
    My brothers and cousins found it in their basement once and chased my youngest cousin around with it. That went over real well with the parents...
  5. My dad's college friend made me take tequila shots with him and my dad at the shiva. So I brought the gun with me
    They also called me a "drunk floozy". They're not wrong.
  6. I also gave my youngest (17) cousin wine. As one older cousin does in times of need.
    I'm a good influence I swear.
  7. Only because my grandpa also encouraged me. I called him my sophomore year of college to wish him a happy birthday and he said to me "why are you wasting time calling me? You should be out drinking at a bar"
    I was 19. And it was like 5pm. I take after that side, apparently.
  8. After my grandma died 4 years ago, we realized how bad my grandpa's dementia was and had to move him to an assisted living facility.
    Where he continued to cause trouble.
  9. He escaped. Twice.
    The first time, they were at a field trip to the library. He convinced someone there that he needed to go home and they drove him back to their old house (which we had sold). His neighbor recognized him and called the facility to come get him.
  10. The second time, he literally jumped the fence. Yes. My 89 year old grandpa hopped a fence. They have it on video.
    He leaned a lawn chair up to the fence in the yard and hopped on over. Luckily the facility was next to a police station so he didn't get very far.
  11. This wasn't the only trouble he caused at the home.
    He was also caught multiple times with....visitors in his room. They are required to tell us any time the seniors are found alone together. He did this more than once. Frisky old man.
  12. But he loved my grandma more than anything. We found letters he wrote her during the war. They were beautiful.
  13. They were such a cute couple.
  14. Their wedding in 1943.
  15. He also tended to steal hats and things from other people at the home. "This is my wild and crazy hat. For when I need to impress people"
    This is in no way his hat.
  16. He was an amazing father to 4 boys.
    My dad is the youngest one. This was a rare picture to find of them all together. My uncle on the farthest left died of AIDS in the 80s.
  17. And an amazing grandfather to 6 grandkids.
  18. Oh, and when we were cleaning out their house, my youngest cousin found his secret....stash 🙈
    We knew he was once a photographer...we just didn't realize it was also....this kind of photography...
  19. Love and miss you grandpa. Xo