Attn: @supabg @andlamb @pili_ervin and anyone else that expressed interest!
  1. So when I was in college I had my dad help me create these posters for me and my friends
    It's looks way better framed but I don't have a pic of it.
  2. It's made out of the entire text of the first book
  3. It appears that the community may have resurrected some interest in said poster
  4. So I'm posting it here to see how many people may want them!
  5. They'll probably be around $30 plus shipping
    The more we print the cheaper they are so if you want more than one let me know.
  6. Are you interested? Let me know!
    Comment, DM, whatever so I can get a count. I'll message you if I'm able to print and we can work out how to get it to you! I need at least 10 or so interested to get them printed.
  7. The poster is big! 24x36 inches
    About 61x91cm
  8. UPDATE! Fill out this form if you want a poster and I'll be in touch with details of how to pay and when you'll get it!
    They will cost $30 to print and ship (if you're ordering more than one I'll message you with exact pricing, obviously they won't be $30 each if I'm shipping them together!) They will take a few weeks to print and ship since my contact (dad) is out of town but I'll get it to you asap! I'll message you when they're printed and send you a tracking # when it ships!
  9. Sit tight guys! My dad (the printer) is out of town until March 1. I haven't forgotten about y'all!