There are a few lists that I still think about to this day. They shook me. Changed me. Uprooted my very existence. Probably a running list. Potentially an open list. (No links because idk how to do that without drafts. List owners feel free to send link)
  1. @k8mcgarry's Whoa Bot
    I still think about your twitter bot and the difference between woah and whoa. I changed how I spell it and I notice it everywhere. KATE WHY
  2. @aus10's teeth brushing hot or cold water list
    Like, every time I brush my teeth I still think about this. I never even knew this was a thing. This fact SHOOK me. You hot water brushers shook me. I even asked my boyfriend this very important question. Don't worry, he, like normal humans, uses cold water.
  3. @michael_circa91's listers as Disney gifs list.
    How you so accurately captured so many listers in a single Disney gif is beyond me. It is a skill I never knew one could have. It's impeccable. I can't get over it.
  4. @marymurphy's marble list before she found out who her Secret Santa was 😈
    I crack up every time I think about how beautifully this panned out.