Requested by @k8zinker
I am full of knowledge about this movie (and other John Hughes movies) but mainly this one because it's my favorite.
  1. John Hughes went to my high school
    So basically all of his high school 80s movies are based on my school/my life (jk, but really breakfast club's opening monologue alludes to my school and says our town zip code)
  2. John Hughes grew up in Northbrook, IL, which was called Shermerville until 1923.
    Which is why his movies are based in fictional Shermer, IL. Real zip code though!
  3. The scene with Rooney and Sloane standing outside the school when Ferris picks her up was shot on the auditorium steps of my high school
    Another fun fact, my class's student advisory board recreated this scene with our principal as part of a spirit assembly video!
  4. They drive away down a windy road, that's the road I took every day to school!
  5. During the parade scene, they cut to some construction workers dancing on a platform, those people weren't extras, they were just around when they were filming and started dancing along!
    The producers thought it was funny so they included them in the final cut
  6. The car they crashed at the end wasn't real because it was too expensive to destroy a real one
  7. They had to strategically place branches in the shot to cover where the plexiglass ripped on impact
  8. This is all I remember of my useless fun facts.
    😁😁 sorry!