Inspired by @ktwoj
  1. Megan Fox guest starring on New Girl #MarchMadness
  2. The Instagram update that shows video views instead of likes #MarchMadness
    My first Instagram post ever to hit 100 likes and because it's a video no one can see that 😡
  3. My friend* bailing on a music festival this summer #MarchMadness
    *read: boy I wanted to hook up with. So double the madness. Actually triple the madness because the festival was ON MY BIRTHDAY
  4. Unnecessary drama started by untrue rumors #MarchMadness
  5. Clothes that shrink in the dryer #MarchMadness
    Why can't you just stay the size you were when I bought you
  6. Boys that lead you on for months then ghost 👻#MarchMadness
  7. Losing weight in the winter but gaining weight in the summer #MarchMadness
    Why won't my body just cooperate with bikini season?
  8. Mindy Project's extended hiatus #MarchMadness
  9. Starbucks changing their loyalty program again #MarchMadness
  10. Taylor Swift not being on Spotify #MarchMadness
    I only Spotify now and I miss my Tay fix
  11. Being lactose intolerant #MarchMadness
  12. Worthless hangovers #MarchMadness
    "Last night wasn't even that fun why am I so hungover ugh what a waste"
  13. Still mad about that Instagram update
  14. #MarchMadness