1. So I had a list in drafts titled "my most memorable Easter"
    But it wasn't a very happy or positive list
  2. So instead of boring you all with that list, I'll bore you all with my current Easter plans
  3. Because my family celebrated yesterday
    So my brother and cousins could drive back to school today
  4. So I'm spending my Easter alone
    Actually not really mad about it
  5. Woke up snuggling with this cutie
  6. Then I went and got a donut
    Because calories don't count on Sundays
  7. And I walked to the park because it's 60 degrees in Chicago today
  8. And I'm going to sit here and drink my coffee
  9. And read my book
  10. And listen to the "Mood Booster" playlist on Spotify
    My jam
  11. Until my phone dies
  12. Or I get cold
  13. Whichever comes first
  14. Bonus, the cashier at Stan's complimented my sweater that I almost gave away a month ago
    So A+ to mom for telling me to keep it 👍🏻
  15. Happy Easter y'all
  16. ✌🏻️