My first time participating in my family's pageantry for watching the Oscars
  1. My brother won't let you watch the oscars with him unless you dress up
  2. Because he loves movies and has seen every movie nominated for Best Picture. Ever.
    It's something like 580 movies. He did it over a year and a half. It's nuts. Some old ones are hard to find.
  3. So I got all fancy like in my makeup
    Tried to channel miss @magic but can't quite get my lips as perfect as hers 💋
  4. My mom decorated the house
  5. And we have a red carpet
    Pst hi Coko! 🐶
  6. We've got our statues
  7. And my mom makes food that represents each movie nominated for best picture
    And my brother has to guess which is which
  8. We make our guesses
  9. And watch the show!
    Barring any commentary on the racial issues this year I think award shows are fun and are an excuse to stay up late on a Sunday and drink champagne in a fancy dress 💃🏼
  10. I hate selfies bye