Inspired by reminiscing with @drugs about Bowling For Soup. This does not include the usual suspects such as Fall Out Boy, All American Rejects (who I met backstage once in high school it's cool it's fine), Good Charlotte, Simple Plan....etc etc. The is the most revealing list I've ever listed omg.
  1. Lucky Boys Confusion
    Their 2003 album Commitment. Hey Driver and Atari omg COME AT ME THEY WERE MY FAVORITE but like no one else has probably ever heard of them. It's cool it's fine.
  2. We the Kings
    I went to their concert and met them I have pictures and they are still making music AND touring??? what huh???? Check Yes Juliet & Skyway Avenue & Stay Young omg GUYS I can't
  3. Cobra Starship
    Like before they blew up and had that weird song with the Gossip Girl girl. Guilty Pleasure so much yes I brought friends to see them freshman year of college and they loved it.
  4. Cartel
    Say Anything (Else), Honestly, Runaway, I can't omg I saw them at House of Blues in like 2008 and honestly they were so good
  5. The Used
    Honestly think I played All That I've Got on repeat for weeks on end. They are still making music to this day.
  6. Gym Class Heroes
    You probably remember Cupids Chokehold but I was all about The Queen and I
  7. Cute is What We Aim For
    There's A Class for This, Newport Living Jesus who was I
  8. Forever The Sickest Kids
    My Worst Nightmare, Catastrophe... I'm on a downward spiral guys I can't stop.
  9. Every Avenue
    Where Were You...omg this is bringing back so many memories
  10. Quietdrive
    Rise From The Ashes, Maybe Misery, Time After Time, omg this whole album reminds me of my hs crush omg
  11. Boys Like Girls
    Everyone loved The Great Escape but Heels over Head was a personal fav
  12. The Starting Line
    Best of Me - this song honestly still gets me
  13. Motion City Soundtrack
    HOW DID I FORGET THEM? Everything is Alright
  14. New Found Glory
    All Downhill from Here (much like this list dear god)
  15. Scars by Papa Roach
  16. Unwritten Law
    Save Me (no but really save me I can't stop)
  17. All Time Low
    Had to include them because I met them at Warped Tour and they signed my poster NBD. Coffeeshop Soundtrack
  18. SR-71 Right Now
    Does anyone else remember them/this song???
  19. Hellogoodbye
    Here (In Your Arms) OMG 😭