1. Hey girl, you'll always be recommended to me
  2. I wrote you a thousand love letters but alas, they were all in my drafts
  3. Girl you know I'd slide into your list requests before I slide into your DMs
  4. I'd never take away your relist, baby
  5. It will always be trending to love you
  6. Just seeing your face gives me all the confetti feels
  7. I don't need to put a number on it (your lists, likes) because my love for you is infinite
  8. I'd trade a million list requests to be your number one feature, girl
  9. The love I feel for you is like a title wave
  10. Remember when we actually discovered things on the discover page? I'll discover you all night long girl.
  11. You can take the App out of the List, but you'll never take away my love for you.
  12. RIP li.st. I'll keep my read receipts on in case you ever decide to return. 💔