Inspired by @ShawnKelly and everyone else
  1. Because I threw away a love letter I got in 4th grade without reading it because I was embarrassed/assumed it was a prank.
    And to this day I wish I knew what it said
  2. Because I had such crippling social anxiety as a child that I refused to speak at my migraine therapist and felt so bad after the fact that I wrote him an apology letter and asked my mom to send it to him.
  3. Because I'm the oldest and only girl so I'm spoiled af.
  4. Because I still think about that one nurse who gave me a flu shot that one time and it didn't hurt AT ALL and literally that cured me of any and all fear of shots.
    Like I want to give her a medal for this.
  5. Because I was so small and had such fast metabolism in high school that people asked my best friend if I was anorexic.
  6. Because the same person has been cutting my hair since I was 3 years old.
    And I honest to god don't know what I'll do when she retires.
  7. Because in 7th grade I asked a ouija board how big my boobs would be and it turned out to be right.
  8. Because my grandparents would tell people my uncle died of cancer when he really died of AIDS.
  9. Because my first kiss was in a church basement.
  10. Because I am extremely fortunate and grew up with privilege and was never told there was something I couldn't do just because of my race, gender, religion, or otherwise.