Alright alright I sifted through my million screenshots and found some worthy of posting. Not getting cleansed but entertaining nonetheless (I hope...I mean I think they're funny. you don't have to 👋🏻) @nikkilounoel @HisDudeness etc etc
  1. For the record, 90% of my screenshots are yoga pics because that's how I take them
    I feel like I'm divulging a trade secret here but 🤗
  2. But since y'all asked here's some rather entertaining ones I found
  3. From most recent to least
  4. From my friend re: my ex
    If we hadn't already broken up his apparent support of Trump would have done it
  5. But better was my friend's response
  6. We were wondering if they were fake...wonder no more
  7. Tbh I still want one of these
  8. The typical #nolistappchill screenshots
  9. You know you've got a winner when you communicate solely in cat emojis 😍
  10. The time I locked myself out of my phone for 12 hours because I couldn't remember my damn password
  11. You know you have a friend forever when the two things you both love are Harry Potter and music festivals
  12. A former coworker who we just can't wrap our heads around
  13. Thought I was famous, turned out I was spammed
  14. Sometimes I screenshot non-yoga parts of my yoga vids just because I look skinny 🤗
  15. .....
  16. 💯💯💙💙
  17. 💙 Rumi
  18. Truth
  19. That time this girl I knew started copying ALL of my yoga pics.
    I blocked her and she hasn't posted a SINGLE yoga picture since. Huh. Funny.
  20. Good for you! I couldn't care less bye 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻
    Same ex as the trump supporter mentioned above
  21. Literally no idea