Requested by @jessicaz
  1. Day 0:
    We arrive to set up camp the day before the festival starts. Bright eyed and freshly showered, feeling invincible. Cleanliness factor: 10/10
  2. Day 1:
    Wind has done unmanageable things to my hair but it still looks presentable. Coolest (80F) and windiest day of the weekend. Cleanliness factor: 7/10 (flower crown courtesy of snapchat filters)
  3. Night 1:
    My feet have been cleaned once and immediately returned to their natural state, covered in dirt. Cleanliness factor: 6/10
  4. Day 2:
    The animals have accepted me as one of their own. Cleanliness factor 5/10.
  5. Night 2:
    Excessive heat and sweat. Wet my hair and spent an hour brushing it with leave-in conditioner. Slightly better, but not really. Cleanliness factor: 4/10
  6. Day 3: not pictured.
    For many reasons. One being the level of dirtiness and my functionality as a human being were heading toward disastrous states. Cleanliness factor: 1/10
  7. Night 3:
    Thanks to incoherency and darkness, you can't see how dirty we are in this picture. Thanks to the internet, you luckily cannot smell us, either. After 3 days of dancing, sweating, and battling the crowded masses. Cleanliness factor: 0/10
  8. Day 4:
    Yes. I am wearing sunglasses over my regular glasses. My hair is 90% dust and dirt. My feet are questionably feet and more like 2 dirt cakes attached to dirt sticks called "legs". I don't know what fresh air smells like anymore. Cleanliness factor: -3/10
  9. Night 4: not pictured
    We got back to LA at 6pm. I spent 45 minutes in the shower. I shampooed my hair 3 times. Conditioner twice. Scrubbed each foot for approximately 10 minutes and used up my entire bottle of body wash. My feet are still dirty. Cleanliness factor: 9/10
  10. Also a fun fact to add to this list: I checked my iPhone's health app to see how many steps we took
    (this excludes walks to and from the bathrooms and excessive dancing, so the numbers are probably way higher)
  11. We walked nearly 30 MILES over the course of the weekend.
  12. I am dead
  13. 💀