I'm stressed. Here's why.
  1. Really big project at work.
    Tight deadline high stress and generally not feeling like I can do it.
  2. Going for a promotion
    See point 1. Don't feel like I can do it if I don't do well on this project which is t helping the stress.
  3. Haven't packed
    Going to Seattle tomorrow. Not packed. Apartment's a mess.
  4. Apartment is a mess
    This in general stresses me out. But I don't have time to clean it.
  5. Haven't yoga-ed since Monday
    Not helping with the stress.
  6. Have one million things to return and no time.
    I have an online shopping problem.
  7. Have one million things to buy and no time.
    I'm out of floss and need granite cleaner and laundry detergent. See point 3.
  8. Too much adderall
    This was my own fault. Product of all off the above.
  9. Not enough sleep.
    See all of above.
  10. Also general life drama causing general life stress.
  11. If you need me I'll be over here in the fetal position dealing with none of these things.