I don't have actual pictures since I don't live at home and they're all in a box somewhere, so these are googled.
  1. Lamby
    My main stuffed animal wasn't really a stuffed animal but a lambskin baby blanket. Every time my parents washed it, it broke into smaller pieces. Eventually I was left with a small 4x4 inch piece I would sleep with. It was super gross.
  2. Chips
    This was a TY stuffed dog. I loved it so much I had two of them, one I made my grandma get me and one my parents had gotten me, that they tried to hide from me on a high shelf in the closet, probably to return it since I already had one. I was a sneaky little kid, saw it, and made them give me both.
  3. All the American Girl Dolls
    Each year I got one from my grandma for Hanukkah. I had all of the original ones. I played with them well past the appropriate age.
  4. Beanie babies
    Millions of them. I arranged them on shelves by animal type and by which were my favorites. They're now all in a bin in the basement.
  5. Lots more I can't remember off the top of my head
    I hoarded stuffed animals. I had tons of them. But I haven't seen them in years so it's hard to remember what they all were.
  6. The only one I have currently in my apartment is my unicorn PillowPet
    Both cute and useful. 🦄
  7. Rue apparently likes it too