Idea from @alys , I also realized I have an excessive amount of tabs open on my phone (some months old). I wonder what tabs are open on my iPad....
  1. Bed bugs-see what bites look like
    Had a minor panic attack and thought I had bed bugs. I don't.
  2. Young Cubs Fan Doesn't Let Hot Dog Mishap Keep Him from Eating
    Gonna be honest, no clue where this came from or why
  3. Grateful dead 'fare thee well' set list
    Probably been on here since their tour in July. Ain't mad about it
  4. 2 more Dead sites
    I was super eager about said fare thee well tour
  5. Lollapalooza concert map
    Clearly I need to close out my tabs more often....
  6. Dharma yoga wheel
    And 'Dharma yoga wheel coupon code' naturally
  7. Goebberts pumpkin patch family fun and attractions
    You can feed giraffes and I want to go to there. Side note, how did the emoji update not include a giraffe???
  8. Chandler dances on things
    Self explanatory
  9. What do the two green triangles mean on snapchat
    Important question.
  10. 2626 Lakeview important phone numbers
    Also important question (my apartment building)
  11. Fargo (film) wikipedia
    The product of a heated debate about whether the movie is about Minnesota or North Dakota