The Office Characters as Pokemon

Courtesy of my brother's Twitter. You're welcome.
  1. First up is Jim...
  2. Pam
  3. And their kids Cece
  4. And Phillip
  5. And now Michael of course
  6. With Dwight right by his side
  7. And Angela naturally with Dwight
  8. Oh, can't forget about Kevin
  9. Oscar next to round out accounting
  10. Erin was a decent receptionist, just a little hot headed
  11. But her and Andy were a great pair
  12. Much better than her and Gabe
  13. Creed is always just kinda there but low key is the best
  14. Ryan was hit or miss depending on the season
  15. But him and Kelly were always meant to be together
  16. Phyllis was surprisingly helpful and powerful in her own ways
  17. Stanley always powerful and ready to yell at Michael
  18. Darryl was a strong man but also a great guy
  19. Almost forgot about Meredith
  20. And then there's Toby.