There Are New Cute As Hell Pokémon in Pokémon Go

I thought I got rid of this habit and my mom sucked me back in. THANKS MOM.
  1. What the
  2. For real?
  3. Stop it
  4. Idk what the heck you are but you're cute af and I have 3 of you.
  5. Idk man but this one looks like he's got another Pokémon attached to his butt
  6. Ok this one is a lil creepy
  7. I mean even the spider is a little cute....
  8. What the hell man way to suck me back in to this dumb game
    Apparently these are baby Pokémon you have to hatch according to my brother. Guess I'll be doing more walking around with my phone out tryna hatch eggs like the loser I am. 😑
  9. Ugh you guys
  10. What the hell
  11. Why
  12. It's fine it's cool I can't stop
  13. Just here with your daily Pokémon reminder.
  14. What r u
  15. This lil guy dances and has a hand for a tail
  16. 90% sure this is a yelling corn kernel