We all know the point of Coachella is the music and art, but I'm here to give you an inside look at the backside of Coachella. All the things I did when I wasn't listening to music. Or things I remember, anyway.
  1. Got yelled at (and felt up) by security before we even made it to the camp grounds.
    My wristband didn't scan (scanner's error, not mine) so they made me walk over to customer service. Apparently I was supposed to walk through a metal detector after that which I didn't do, so they chased me down and asked if I was hiding anything in my bra (I wasn't wearing one 😳)
  2. Made a friend named Schmidt
    Regretted not telling him my name was Cece. Never saw him again.
  3. FaceTimed my family dog to say goodbye before he died
    My mom called me day 1 of Coachella to let me know that our dog was dying of cancer. It was super sudden. They didn't know if he would make it til I got back so I FaceTimed him. He made it to the next week, but I had to go out of town immediately for work so I didn't see him again.
  4. Got yelled at by security for taking this pic
    Apparently I like breaking rules ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Found and returned a stranger's phone
    Another stranger came through our camp and left us with a random phone. I waited until Betty called it again and gave it back to its owner. Coachella good deed #1
  6. Taught yoga
    The guys at my camp wanted to do yoga so we did some stretches before going in to the festival in the morning. 🙏🏻
  7. Eavesdropped on lots of conversations
    Watched this girl go from super annoyed to super excited to climbing all over her boyfriend in a matter of minutes. We're still not sure what she was mad at in the first place.
  8. Found and turned in a wallet
    I had a really good eye for this stuff. Coachella good deed #2
  9. Got caught in the line of fire of a pre-teen glitter fight
    It didn't occur to us to move until it was too late.
  10. Watched the worlds best hula hooper
    Okay maybe not THE Worlds best, but she was fucking AMAZING and crazy talented and camping next to us. And she was British. 💯
  11. Got yelled at no less than 15 times for packing up too slow on Monday
    By security on horses, on golf carts, on foot. They really were not fans of us.
  12. Got my hand caught in an easy up canopy slider
    My friends thought I got dismembered (I screamed and ran away holding my hand) but really I just was severely bruised. Not handled well on a Monday morning.
  13. Things I did not do at Coachella:
    Eat, sleep, shower, think. 😎