1. Beta list appers
    You have no idea how badly I wish I could go back in time and be a beta tester of this app
  2. Lists about the new iPhone emojis
    YOU GUYS ALL I SEE ARE A MILLION ??s AND I HAVE NO WIFI CONNECTION TO UPDATE MY PHONE AND I JUST WANT TO SEE THE NEW EMOJIS (but I am also secretly scared and hope there is not a spider emoji, can someone please confirm??!)
  3. The OG FOMO
    You can bet if my friend calls me at 10:30 pm and says come out I will drag my ass out of bed and put my party pants on in 30 min or less. (Exhibit A: last weekend 😳)
  4. My cat
    whenever I am out of town for work I have nightmares she dies. She gives me extreme FOMC (fear of missing cat)
  5. Meet cute FOMO
    What if that guy from the bar I told my name was Sarah from Texas was the one?! I may never know. (Note: there are a lot of these. Sarah is my drunk alter ego. She may come list some time)
  6. Not turning notifications on for my favorite listers and going camping with no wifi.
    What if I miss a great list while I'm gone and don't scroll down far enough to find it. Or worse, what if I miss a great comment discussion and by the time I get in the moment has passed?!
    Suggested by @HisDudeness