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  1. Let me preface this by saying I do not know very much about sports.
    I don't know every players name or history or batting average. I don't know shit about my work fantasy football league except that were winning. I don't consider myself a big sports person.
  2. But I do know that if I had to pick one sport and one team, damnit it would be the Cubs.
    Maybe because I grew up playing baseball (here's a pic of me as the only girl on the tee-ball team when I was 5), going to games at Wrigley Field, and the cross town rivalry with the White Sox makes being a Cubs fan even more serious than other Chicago sports.
  3. So I'm not sure I'm qualified to make this list.
    But then again, maybe having someone like me try to explain it is the best idea, you know for the other sports dummies out there.
  4. But here is what I do know:
    And those diehard fans with more sports knowledge are welcome to fill in the gaps
  5. I know that the Cubs haven't won a World Series since 1908.
    108 years ago. We can start getting in to the significance of the number 108 but that's a whole other list. Know that it's a very important/magic number in many religions, in yoga, in nature, etc. and so many people said this was *their* year.
  6. Wait let me back up. So the "World Series" is the championship of baseball.
    I understand this is confusing because the world does not play baseball. Technically we have one team in the league from Canada so it's not just the US, but I still hardly think that constitutes a "world" series. But I digress.
  7. It is the final two baseball teams from the two divisions, American and National, going head to head to win the best out of 7 games.
    So like if the Cubs won all 4 of the first games it'd be over. It unfortunately did not go this way. And lots and lots of games are played before you even get to this point.
  8. So if it seems like there's been a lot of baseball going on lately this is why.
    The 7 games were played over the course of the last week.
  9. I know that Cubs fans are extremely superstitious.
  10. So the last time the Cubs won this was 1908, so they would start the games at 7:08pm (19:08)
    The last time the Cubs even made it as far as the World Series was 1945.
  11. There was a supposed curse on the Cubs because of a goat that was forced to leave the stadium in 1945 and that's why we never won a series.
    Idk I just know the curse of the billy goat is a big deal
  12. There was also that fan who tried a catch a ball in 2003 that caused the outfielder to drop it and cost us that playoffs.
    I remember this being a very big deal and lots of tv shows at the time made jokes about it.
  13. So when I took tequila shots during game 5 and they won, naturally I would be taking tequila shots for every game thereafter.
    You know...for the team.
  14. And I was ready to blame karma for my dad sneaking into game 3 (About That Time My Dad Snuck Into The World Series Game) if they lost
  15. I got my dad to take a tequila shot with me at the top of the 4th inning and the Cubs scored 2 runs. COINCIDENCE?!
    I think not.
  16. I also got my entire family to take shots of malort, including my brother who has never drank before in his life and has been very adamant about never drinking.
    Cubs making history is about as much peer pressure as exists. I am a v proud big sis.
  17. I know Cubs fans are also extremely loyal.
    There would be people at the games every year regardless of how bad we were. I'd go to games every year. Even if just to sit outside in the summer and drink beer. Cubs games and Wrigley Field are somewhat of an icon. This is from a random game in 2012 and there's still a decent number of people in the stadium.
  18. I also know that this was hands down one of the most insane baseball games in history.
    The ups and downs and bad plays and bad calls and good plays and good calls. I've never been so stressed watching a sports game in my entire life. I've also never been so invested in a game in my entire life.
  19. You can't imagine the stressful turmoil of that game.
  20. The excitement as the very first Cubs player at bat hits a home run.
  21. The giddiness as Ross (the catcher who is retiring this year) hits a home run to end his baseball career
  22. The "it ain't over til it's over" insane stress of the 8th inning when the Indians tied it.
    Those are people OUTSIDE our bar watching the game from our TVs
  23. The "this only would happen to the Cubs" rain delay before we went into extra innings.
  24. And the relief and pure joy as Kris Bryant throws the final out of the game.
  25. The celebration that was 108 years overdue
  26. Go Cubs Go!
    Go Cubs Go!!
  27. Hey Chicago what do you say?
  28. The Cubs are gonna win today!!