1. This time I took her in the car
  2. This time she casually stared me down from afar
    No chill
  3. This time I tried to sleep
  4. When I try to take yoga pictures
  5. This time she watched me from under the table
  6. This other time I took her in the car
  7. And this time I took her in the car
  8. Literally any time I try to take a yoga picture
  9. This time I tried to work from home
    Rue would you like to audit for me? No? No chill
  10. The time she found a rubber band
    No fucking chill
  11. The time a boy asked for nudes and I sent him this
    captioned "sorry boy the only pussy shots I take are these" (ok maybe I had no chill)
  12. The time she watched me read
    No chill. None.
  13. The time my dad took her on the trampoline
  14. Seriously no chill during yoga
  15. Right now as I try to fold my laundry
    Get out of my clean clothes. Zero chill
  16. Bye