Requested by @loriatx
So my previous yoga list prompted a lot of these questions and I'll do my best to offer my advice!
  1. So I hate working out. Hate it. Don't do it. At all.
    I don't run. I don't have a gym membership. I don't even walk if I can help it.
  2. But I found that yoga is more than working out
  3. It's a mind/body experience
  4. It relaxes me and energizes me at the same time
  5. I feel better both mentally and physically after I practice
  6. So for those new to yoga, here are my tips
  7. 1) try out a bunch of different studios!
    Most places have new student deals, 1 week free, first two weeks for like $20, and so on. Also check out groupon!
  8. This is important because you have to find a style and a teacher you like!
  9. You may hate your first yoga class because your teacher may not be what you're looking for
  10. Don't let that discourage you!!
  11. Try a bunch of studios, smaller hole in the wall ones, bigger corporate-y ones (I.e. Corepower, hey it may work for some people)
    To find your fit. Not every studio is love at first yoga. I have a select few I frequent mainly because of the teachers / if they have free parking.
  12. Which leads me to my next point
  13. 2) try as many different teachers and styles as you can
    Because you have to find what fits YOU! Yoga is not one size fits all, despite what many corporate gyms may have you think.
  14. Some classes are heated, some are slower and stretch you deep, some are fast and you work up a sweat, some are workshop-y and you warm up then work on a specific pose
    Every teacher. Every studio. Every class time. Is different. Don't rule out a studio just because you didn't like the first class you tried there. Take at least 5 classes with as many different teachers as you can. I dare you.
  15. 3) if you have a yogi friend, ask for their advice!
    They can steer you towards a studio or teacher that you will like! They can be your encouragement/can help drag your ass to classes! (If you're in Chicago, I will gladly do this for you)
  16. Some teachers like to chant or play cool instruments, some classes are geared towards athletes or runners (I.e. They'll work a lot of hamstrings and hips if you're tight in those areas), some are great at teaching proper alignment for beginners
  17. I have specific teachers I recommend or take friends to if they're trying yoga for the first time
    (Again, Chicagoans, I'll take you to these)
  18. 4) Give it more than one shot!
    I like deals that are like $20 for 2 weeks because it forces you to go as much as you can in those two weeks. Then if it's not for you, try the next one!
  19. 5) if you go to a class, list about it and tell me about it!!
    I'd love to hear your experiences and offer realtime advice. For reals
  20. 6) check out my blog for more advice/inspiration!