I don't know how it got to this point, and I don't know how to stop. (Or, if I want to)
  1. I literally just had two completely separate unrelated drafts open and going on my phone and my iPad
    Without realizing it. I should be embarrassed. I'm not. This list was neither of those drafts.
  2. The number of Twitter followers I have on ListApp has gone from 2 to 43
    And this is solely because of ListAppers I now follow on Twitter, not the other way around
  3. Speaking of Twitter, my followers have nearly doubled
    Thanks to ListApp friends
  4. And my use of Twitter has tripled
    Mainly to send gifs to said ListApp friends and to DM because list requests are terrible for that
  5. The number of phone numbers of ListAppers I have in my phone has multiplied by 5
    Hotline bling y'all calling me on my cell phone (those are the lyrics right?)
  6. I think in list form
    And think about whether my mundane life actions could be list worthy (usually, the answer is no)
  7. I sleep less because of it
    You guys are keeping me up way past my bedtime damn you timezones
  8. I am seriously considering a vacation to Paris, London, or Australia.
    FTC IRL OMG ILYSM @jessicaz @Lisa_Fav @DawnCloud 😘
  9. I have really enjoyed connecting with y'all and consider some of you real, honest, friends.
  10. This doesn't do justice to how awesome this stupid little app community is. I'd take a bullet for y'all. I mean it.
  11. So anyways. Thanks for taking over my life @list. Truly.