Today marks the beginning of the end. But only if we let it.
  1. It's going to be okay!
    We're going to be okay!
  2. I know you're scared! We all are!
    And sad! And hurt! And worried! And mad! And it's okay!
  3. We're not going to lay down and get complacent
    We're not going to accept this new normal! We deserve better! We created better in the last 8 years! We deserve that!
  4. If we keep up this energy
  5. And keep fighting
  6. And stay active
  7. Every single day
  8. We're going to be okay!
  9. It would be so easy to stay in our bubble
  10. I live in a bubble!
    It would be so easy for me to just sit back and not worry. I'm going to be okay because Chicago is very liberal. Because I'm not a POC. Because I have a good job with good health insurance so I don't have to worry about my preexisting conditions. But I'm not going to do that!
  11. But that's how we got here!
    I'm not going to let my bubble define me! My bubble made me think NO way would Hillary lose. And my bubble shattered everything I believed in!
  12. We can't just sit here and say "oh well at least he'll be gone in 4 years"
    Because if we assume that! Then he'll get reelected! We can't let that happen! If you think that will never happen! You 👏🏻 Are👏🏻Wrong 👏🏻 how many of us never thought he'd get elected in the first place?! How many of us though he would never even get the republican nomination?! We 👏🏻 Were 👏🏻 Wrong👏🏻 and we can't afford to be wrong again.
  13. We have to stay LOUD
    Be louder than his supporters. Don't shy away from voicing your concern and your support for all of the people in jeopardy now. Be loudly and unapologetically you. I know you. You are all great people and believe in all the right things. Make sure everyone else knows that too! Donate! Participate! Support! Ally! March! Protest! Do whatever you want to do to! Do whatever you can!
  14. Don't just block/hide/unfriend your Trump supporter "friends"
    That does not help solve the problem! Stay loud! Stay as active as they are! You never know when/how/what will get them to reconsider their position! You never know who your voice will reach! If you delete or ignore them you are staying in your bubble!
  15. Get out of your comfort zone
    Stay out of your comfort zone. Stay uncomfortable for the next four years and learn how it feels. Use those feelings to fuel your fire. Keep going.
  16. We can do this.
  17. We can.
  18. Yes. We. Can.
  19. Giphy
  20. So much love and support to everyone marching today! Chicago estimates 250K and counting, the second largest march outside of D.C.
  21. Guys I fucking can't with this.