1. I don't feel as connected to this community anymore
  2. It's not you, it's me
    You're all great people and great friends. I just haven't felt the need to spend much time on here, plus I haven't had any good list ideas.
  3. So I'm sorry if I've been ignoring your list requests
  4. Or not really interacting here as much
  5. I've just been doing me
  6. Working a lot
  7. And processing the sadness in the world
  8. And everything else that's going on
  9. Outside of this lil app
  10. I don't need a response and I'm sure you didn't need an explanation
  11. Just wanted to let y'all know
  12. In case you missed me or something
  13. Oh, and Pokemon Go kills my phone battery
  14. Always 💔 @hpryfogle