I've been complaining a lot about work lately because I've had to travel with no notice, work 12 hours days all weekend, and overall put my entire life on hold. But it's not all bad! Here's some things I like about my current job.
  1. Free food!
    When I travel, at least I don't have to cook, go grocery shopping, or pay for any of my meals! We also eat at really good restaurants so I get to try awesome new stuff on someone else's dime
  2. Points points points!
    I have racked up so many Marriott and airline points from each of these trips. Plus we use our own credit cards instead of a corporate card so I get miles for every purchase, too! (Thanks AAdvantage citi card)
  3. People
    My group is awesome. I don't mind traveling with them and spending ungodly numbers of hours with them (sometimes on 6 hour road trips from Detroit to Cleveland to Chicago). If I hated my coworkers this would be much, much worse
  4. Overtime bonus
    I just have to keep reminding myself that we get overtime bonuses when we're billable over a certain number of hours per month. Definitely hitting that this month. Yay money 🤑🤑🤑
  5. Free snacks
    Everyday at 3:30 we get free snacks in the office. Every. Day.
  6. Free beer
    Also free beer every Thursday. Can't complain about that one.
  7. Interesting work
    What we are doing is actually interesting (compared to my other job). We are analyzing the financial results of a company in efforts to buy or sell. It really is more interesting than it sounds.
  8. Work hard play hard
    We work hard, but we certainly know how to let loose. When a project is done, someone gets promoted, or it's simply a Friday, you can bet we have a happy hour. That turns into an all night rager (I may or may not have blacked out last time by about 9pm).
  9. So when the going gets tough I just have to remember
  10. There's a light at the end of the tunnel.
  11. I love my job I love my job I love my job
  12. And my yoga on the side helps keep me sane 🙃