1. I was living in the UK and chatting with my (platonic) friend Paul who was working in the US
    We'd been friends for years and each time he came back to the UK we'd hang out. Sometimes he'd bring American girlfriends home with him and I ask him if it was serious (because bringing a girl home to meet your parents is a THING right?) and he'd tell me, 'Nope, just don't like flying alone' and these poor girls would already be planning the wedding
  2. Paul suggested I should visit him in Boston
    We'd always been dating other people but we were both single...
  3. I flew to Boston and he surprised me with a trip to NYC
    He told me to pack light, I may have brought a whole carry on just for my shoes
  4. Our time in NYC started off like usual
    Hanging out and drinking too much in dodgy Irish bars. Crashing in the same bed. Waking up and repeating the previous day.
  5. Paul had made some other plans...
    I guess he had an event planner friend and he'd explained that he *might* kind of like me as more than a friend. So she made the plans for him.
  6. We saw Les Miserables from the front row
    Fancy! That night, walking home, we may have held hands.
  7. The next night, dinner reservations in a romantic restaurant with a jazz band
    At this point I'd started to suspect he might have 'feelings' for me (and I may have felt the same...)
  8. I wore a new dress with a distinctive black and white pattern
    It was some limited edition thing and was particularly hard to come by. I was also making a bit more of an effort (was this like...a date?!?) so I put on a little make up and left my glasses in the hotel.
  9. I excused myself from the table to find the restroom
  10. The restaurant was very dark and went on for miles
    I was still struggling with the whole name for toilet/loo/restroom/bathroom so I didn't ask for directions. I squinted and figured the restrooms must be at the end of the restaurant which was almost like a long tunnel
  11. I had to squeeze past the jazz band which was most embarassing
    This was a very poorly designed restaurant!
  12. Curses! Coming towards me was someone wearing the exact same black and white dress as me! How embarrassing!
    Luckily my British-polite gene kicked in and I started doing the whole 'Oh I'm sorry!' And 'Excuse me!' And 'No, no, no, I insist! You first!!!' whilst awkwardly gesturing and waving
  13. The restaurant was actually quite small and just had a large mirrored wall
    Yup, I squeezed past the jazz band into the corner of the restaurant and then did a short-sighted little dance with my myopic self
  14. That's it
    That was 2001. I got contacts for the wedding 🤓