1. Short ribs and pappardelle
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    I cooked the shortrib ragu but cheated with the store-bought pasta
  2. Terrible pasta
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    At brunch (Bin 26 on Charles St, Boston, MA). Glue-y pasta, bland and barely cheesy sauce. Tiny portion, but maybe that was a blessing.
  3. Bucatini carbonara
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    Bucatini is up there in my top 3 pasta shapes, 40 Paper is an awesome restaurant if you ever find yourself in Camden, Maine
  4. Pasta class at Stir
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    This class gave me a really solid start to my pasta making hobby. We made pasta dough, and then rolled, extruded, sliced, filled, and hand formed different pasta shapes. The chefs cook the pasta and then you get to eat it all with wine pairings. Http://stirboston.com
  5. Tagliatelle after I got the pasta-attachment for my Kitchen-Aid
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  6. Braised hen with limes + above homemade tagliatelle
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    Thomas McNaughton's Flour + Water book is 💯💯💯
  7. Martha's one pot pasta
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    The recipe that was all over the internet for a while. You cook the pasta, cherry tomatoes, basil, garlic, onion, water all in one pot and it makes a sauce as it cooks. Not bad.
  8. Prune-stuffed gnocchi with foie gras at No. 9 Park in Boston
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  9. My bastardized version of the No.9 Park classic
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    store-bought gnocchi and attempted a prune/marsala sauce with seared foie gras on top
  10. Seafood pasta in the UK
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  11. Bertolli cheese tortelli
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    One of those 'I need carbs' kind of nights
  12. Homemade mac n' cheese
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    With leek and bacon
  13. Ravioli with crispy prosciutto
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    Frying the sage leaves is a must
  14. Gnocchi at Opus 10 in Portland, Maine
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    Crispy little nuggets of deliciousness
  15. Lobster pasta with some fancy foam in Portland, ME
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  16. Bolognese sauce with homemade tagliatelle
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    Good hangover food. I may also be wearing my sauce-splattered PJs at 6pm
  17. Lobster ravioli from The Tuscan Market in NH
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    Boiled by moi!
  18. Smoked salmon and asparagus fettuccini
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    My go-to dinner if I'm cooking for one. Easy little sauce with white wine, a little cream cheese and lots of lemon juice