1. Old profile pic
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    If you look closely my teeth look weird because I was doing invisalign clear braces
  2. If only I looked like this.
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    I'm a wedding photographer so this is one of my previous couples (and one of the nicest couples too!)
  3. Bride and groom dancing under the stars and stripes
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    I took this a few years ago but it remains one of my favorite pictures ever. I was up in the rotunda of the Boston Harbor Hotel and got lucky with the flag/the wind/a couple who knew how to dance
  4. Sometimes I wish I was Jewish
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    Also I miss my grandmother
  5. Migis Lodge is the most amazing place in Maine
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    I want to get married all over again just to have all of our friends and family spend the weekend with us at this upscale camp
  6. The flower dog was called Uncle June
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    Uncle June has his own facebook page. Just saying...
  7. Oh dear
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    I wasn't overjoyed to see this gem pop up on google. The filters, the textures, the crazy non-straight horizon. What was I thinking? This was the second wedding I photographed. I guess I've improved a little ;)